Q. How is Direct Home Quote different from Home Advisor / Thumbtack / Porch / Angie's List?

A. While all of the companies above have good business models, they are not actually the contractor who will perform the work on your home or even quote the job. Their revenue stream is based on driving leads to contractors who sign up for an account with them. Direct Home Quote actually does the bidding, scheduling, and remodeling on your home/ project. We are a one stop shop and will be with you from start to finish.


Q. Why would I pay for a quote?

A. Great Question.  We believe in maximizing the time that you get to spend doing what you love, instead of spending countless hours researching, calling, and waiting on contractors who won't show up on time --if they do at all.  Paying for a quote helps us separate the good folks like yourself who actually want to get work done around your home, from the "tire kickers" who just drive up costs for everyone. This allows us to spend more time with you and your project. Once you purchase the service we credit back the money that you paid for the quote and throw in an addition discount! It's a win/ win for everyone.


Q. How long until I get my quote back?

A. You will have your quote emailed back to you within 1 business day from your purchase. It is usually quicker, but some of the more complex projects require a little more time.


Q. When do I pay for the job?

A. You are charged 50% when you first accept the job so we can get your project scheduled, order materials, and work out all of the logistic for the work to be completed. The remaining 50% is charged the morning of your installation. Do not worry though, we guarantee all of our work and will not release any funds to the installer until you are satisfied.


Q. I want to supply my own material and have you install it, is that possible?

A. No. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and quality. If we are not in control of materials we cannot guarantee either. Plus we do so much volume, that unless you are making the materials yourself, it is unlikely you can get a better price anyways.


Q. Do you offer financing?

. Yes we do! CLICK HERE to see our current promotions.


Q. What Cities are you currently in?

A. We are currently serving the: Greater Memphis, TN Area.


Q. When will you be in my area?!

A. Soon my young Padawan. Very Soon.


Q. Are you hiring?

A. We are always looking for great team members, CLICK HERE to apply.


Q. I received a cheaper quote somewhere else, why should I use Direct Home Quote?

A. Because of our extensive experience, we know what it costs to do the job right and up to Code. While our prices are very competitive and at a fair market rate anyone who is willing to do it cheaper is more than likely going to be cutting corners somewhere and it usually involves the quality of the installation. You get what you pay for.


Q. Are you licensed/ bonded/ insured?

A. Yes we are and so are our installers!


Q. Am I going to get some shady contractor over at my house?

A. Probably if you hire someone else! However, we heavily screen all of our installers on the front end to make sure you have a wonderful experience.


Q. Your company is headquartered in Memphis, TN why shouldn't I use a local contractor?

A. We build our quotes in Memphis, but we use local installers in your area to complete the work. We are strong proponents on keeping dollars in the local economy.


Q. How can you give me a quote without ever seeing my house?

A. Aliens. But no seriously, we have heavily invested in technology that allows us to accurately estimate the cost of your project.


Q. Do you offer extended warrantees?

A. Yes we do! The information will be provided in your quote.


Q. How do I invest money in Direct Home Quote?

A. Send in a signed-blank check to: (Just kidding) Contact about being part of our next round of funding.


Q. I want to work for Direct Home Quote, what do I need to do?

A. We have a very rigorous application process and only take the top candidates. Still interested -- and think you're a good fit? Send in your resume to:


Q. How do I refer people to Direct Home Quote?

A. We love referrals! Sign up for our Affiliate Program to earn awesome rewards and special discounts for your friends and loved ones. 


Q. Do you have an affiliate program?

A. Yes we do. Sign up on our Affiliate Program Page.


Q. What services do you currently offer?

A. We are uploading new services every month! Check out our Order Quote Page to see what is available in your area.


Q. I have a great idea for Direct Home Quote what do I do?

A. First of all, you're awesome! Secondly send it to: -- If we use your idea we will send you some awesome DHQ swag for helping.


Q. Do you do repair work?

A. No we currently do not. We believe in providing the best value and service for our customers and fixing someone else's work does not keep us in line with those values. It is hard to come behind someone and only "patch" their mistakes and in doing so, we wouldn't be able to guarantee the work. We believe in starting from scratch and doing the whole job right on the front end.


Q. Do you do insurance work?

A. Yes we do as long as it is a complete replacement. We will complete the project for what the insurance companies payout. Please order a quote a specify that it is for an insurance claim. Remember your quote is free if the work is done through us.


Q. What if I am unhappy with the work that was done?

A. We are sorry to hear that, please contact us immediately at (901) 251-0663 so we can address the issue.


Q. What are your hours of operation?

A. While you can order a quote at anytime, we are staffed Monday - Friday from 10am-5pm, and Saturday from 10am - 2pm (CST). We are closed on Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day.


Q. What days do you do installs?

A. Monday - Saturday.


Q. It is suppose to rain the day of my install, now what?

A. Projects that are weather dependent will be scheduled for the next available clear date. We apologize for any inconvenience, but cannot control mother nature. You will be notified the day before & morning of to confirm installation for that day.


Q. What time do you start installs?

A. We start installs as early as 6 am and work until as late a 9 pm. A lot of it depends on the type of job, location, weather, and other factors. If you have any restrictions please specify that when you order the quote.


Q. How can I do a video testimonial?

A. Please contact: for more information.