Up until now home improvement has always been a hassle, from finding reliable contractors, to gathering multiple quotes, to making sure the job is completed on time and on budget. We believe in stripping away all the headaches and the shroud of mystery that comes with contractors and home renovations and replacing it with a very simple and transparent process, that is easy and convenient for the home owner.



Select Your Product or Service THEN Order the Service / Quote

Upon completion of your order you will be invoiced a detailed quote within 24 hours for you to review. Note that the credit for your Quote Charge will be on your invoice. For example if you paid $50 for a Window Quote, on the invoice that is emailed to you, you will see a $50 prepaid credit applied toward the balance.



Pay 50% Deposit on the Invoiced Quote & Select your Install Date

Once the deposit has been paid, you will be contacted by your Direct Home Quote representative to schedule your install date. While most of our installations occur within a few days from the initial deposit payment, there will be a little longer wait during peak seasons and for custom items such as windows, doors, special order shingles, etc.



Material Delivery / Install Day

Prior to the install your Direct Home Quote representative will contact you to coordinate any necessary material delivery as well as to confirm the date and time of installation. On the day of installation our crews will arrive promptly within the agreed upon time window to complete your project.



Leave us an awesome review and share the experience with your friends!

We love our customers and always try to provide an amazing experience. Please be sure to leave us a review and brag on your installer! Share photos of your #DHQ experience and be sure to mention us on twitter @DirectHomeQuote for a chance to win some of our exclusive bonus rewards.



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Our Story


My journey into the home improvement field started in the summer of 2010 when I decided to purchase my first house in Nashville, TN. While I didn't necessarily know what I was in for, I became hooked on real estate and renovating homes! Over the next several years I continued to buy more and more properties, eventually bringing me to Memphis, TN. In the midst of renovating our own homes, we began receiving requests to do work on other people's houses as well, which created a "good" problem, but a problem none the less.

I decided to run an experiment with several different contracting companies to see how they each ran their businesses and generated quotes for homeowners. The results blew my mind! I called several roofing, window, siding, and asphalt companies and asked them to give me a quote on replacing their specialty trade. NOT ONE single company would do it over the phone, but each said they'd be happy to send out a SALESMAN to come take a look at the project. I explained to them that I was busy professional and didn't want to meet with a salesman, because I knew what I wanted and just needed to get a quick quote so I could get the work completed. Every company still insisted that I meet with a salesman so they could "see the job," even after I offered to give them the dimensions of the windows, square footage of the house, or size of the driveway.

At this point I was exhausted!  Not only did I have to meet with several different company's salesmen just to even get a quote, but trying to coordinate a convenient time to meet with each of them was a nightmare so awful, it would've made the D.M.V. wince. Then to top that off I had to sit through each salesman's spiel, while the they attempted to browbeat me into "upgrades" that were completely wanted, overpriced, and by in large unnecessary. By the time this experience was done,  I was determined to change this broken system and vowed never waste my customer's valuable time or treat them as some end of quarter sales goal.

This gave birth to the idea of Direct Home Quote. From now on, things would be different one consumer at a time. We were going to change the status quo. Direct Home Quote was going to offer Fast, Hassle-Free quotes to homeowners across the country, and we would do it by leveraging technology and creating innovative processes.

Chris Harkins - CEO / Founder

Chris Harkins - CEO / Founder

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